Past Events

ISFR 2019, Budapest, Hungary

26.5. - 29.5.2019- 10th International Symposium on Feedstock Recycling of Polymeric Materials (ISFR),  Budapest, Hungary
Oral presentation:   Detection of relevant RoHS regulated contaminations in various products made from recycled materials by Pyrolysis GC/MS,

About 80 participants experienced an interesting scientific program with excellent talks and good networking.

The MTA TTK has been a great host and organized this event very well.

SKZ Compounding Days 2019

22.-23.05.2019 - 13. Würzburger Compoundiertage, Veitshöchheim

Exhibition and Talk: "Additives or RoHS regulated Contaminations ? Trace Analysis in Toys and Commodity made from recycled
materials by Pyrolysis-GC/MS"

Approx. 70 participants experienced an interesting program, which had the main topic "Recycling" especially on the second day. The topic "Microplastics", presented by Prof. Laforsch from the University of Bayreuth, was a nice prelude to the current discussion about the benefits and risks of plastics and their fate in the environment.


SKZ Network Day 2019

08.05.2019 - SKZ Netzwerktag 2019 , Würzburg

Exhibition and talk: "On forensic trace search: Micro-plastics in our environment and contaminations in recycled materials"

The SKZ could welcome about 300 participants. Some 120 guests listened the above mentioned talk.

2. European Py-GC/MS User Meeting at Shimadzu Europe in Duisburg, Germany

We could welcome over 30 guests in Duisburg from many European countries. Our thanks go to the external speakers who made this very successful event possible!

14. Meeting of the Work Group Polymer Analytics, Fraunhofer LBF, Darmstadt

Oral Presentation: Pyrolyse GC/MS in Reversed Engineering and Failure Analysis: 2 Case Studies for the Analysis of complex materials,  22.03.2019. More than 100 participants were registered. A very nice and successful event. We are looking forward to the 15th Meeting !

SCM-9 Conference 30.01.2019 - 01.02.2019

Ninth International Symposium on the Separation and Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

Frontier Lab with table top exhibition and poster presentation:

"De-Formulation and applied method map for deformulation of a biodegradable thin foil with unkown composition".

November 2018

08.11.2018 - Pyrolyse User Meeting / SIM GmbH, Essen

16.-20.09.2018 - XXVII Congresso Division di Chimica Analitica, Bologna, Italy
Oral Presentation: “Pyrolysis GC-MS for identification and characterization of unknown polymeric material used for biodegradable packaging and membrane (diaphragm) pumps”



11.-12.09.2018, AMI Polymer Testing and Analysis 2018, Berlin
Oral Presentation: “Pyrolysis GC-MS for identification and damage analysis of rubber samples”


27.-28.06.2018, World Compounding Expo 2018, Messe Essen


21.06.2018 - SKZ Netzwerktag, Würzburg


03.-08.06.2018 - 22nd International Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, Kyoto, Japan
Frontier Lab presented 10 scientific contributions (oral and poster).


14-18.05. 2018 - 26th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition -EUBCE 2018, Copenhagen
Oral and Poster presentation: “Innovative tandem µReactor technology coupled to GC/MS to evaluate catalytic co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastics over microporous and mesoporous catalysts”

Our poster won the poster award!