Cryogenic Mill IQ Mill-2070

Intelligent Quick-Mill

In sample pre-treatment, grinding samples into fine powders is time-consuming and labour intensive. The newly developed IQ MILL-2070 is a device that makes grinding a simple task. Especially in microanalysis, pulverizing samples is a required pre-treatment for sample uniformity, homogeneity, and reproducibility.

Various methods have been devised, but they have problems such as the use of a large amount of liquid nitrogen, annoying noise and long grinding time. The "IQ MILL-2070" is a revolutionary grinding device that uses a special High elasticity belt to achieve a three-dimensional figure-eight motion to solve these problems.

  1. Easy to use and simple to operate
  2. Fast and efficient grinding 3D/8-figure motion
  3. Liquid nitrogen cooling kit for cryo-milling
  4. All-in-one solution: all accessories incuded, ready to mill !