Tandem μ -Reactor® Rx-3050TR

Frontier Lab is offering two types of rapid catalyst screening reactors (Tandem μ-Reactor and Single μ-Reactor) what have been developed to facilitate the rapid characterization of catalysts concerning Temperature, Surface area (contact time) Atmosphere, Pressure, Effective life time and Activity regeneration.

These μ-Reactors are easily interfaced to a gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) system, allowing real-time monitoring of the chemical species generated by vapor phase contact reaction with a catalyst. The catalyst is packed into a quick-change catalyst reaction tube prior to testing.

In the Tandem μ-Reactor, two reactors (upper andlower), are individually temperature-controlled. The temperature of the reactor can be programmed through a variety of heating modes such as isothermal, linear, and stepwise temperature programs.

The upper reactor (1st Reactor) is used to preheat a gas, vaporize a liquid, or thermally decompose organic solids to generate gases. The catalyst reaction tube is packed with a catalyst and placed in the lower reactor (2nd Reactor).

Volatiles released from the heated or thermally decomposed sample stream flow into the catalyst reaction tube in the lower reactor via carrier gas flow, where they react with the catalyst. Then the products formed flow into the GC for analysis. The catalyst is evaluated by noting what compounds are found and their relative distribution using MS detection. Using optional FID, known products can be quantified.

Two accessories, the Selective Sampler and the MicroJet Cryo-Trap, enable the products formed in up to eight thermal zones, to be automatically analyzed. Both reactors are designed to heat and cool rapidly which increase the number of catalysts that can be characterized in a given period of time.

Three different reaction gases can be connected to the system so that each catalyst can be evaluated under a variety of reaction conditions.

As options, a Medium Pressure Flow Controller (up to 1 MPa) and a High Pressure Flow Controller (up to 3.5 MPa) are available.