Ultra ALLOY® Metal Capillary Column

By multi-layer gradient deactivation treatment, these separation columns have high flexibility, high temperature, and contamination resistances.

The inner wall of Ultra ALLOY® metal capillary columns have high degree of roughness even after deactivation treatments, and its surface area is over 30 times greater than that of FS columns. This large surface area helps to trap high boiling components, that may be contained in samples, at the front of GC column to prevent contamination of the entire column.

Compared to fused silica (FS) columns, Ultra ALLOY® metal capillary columns have unique inner surface structure and compositions and are therefore featured by excellent thermal resistance (up to 420 ºC) and inertness, because of high temperature baking process after coating of stationary phase . All Ultra ALLOY ® metal capillary columns are shipped upon careful inspection after conditioning at 400 ºC for overnight. The high thermal resistance of materials and FLAB’s proprietary manufacturing process make it possible to deliver columns with extremely low bleeding.