F-Search® Software

New search software “F-Search (Ver. 3.6)” supports analysis of polymers and additives with a complete list of libraries: pyrograms, THM pyrograms, thermograms, pyrolyzates, THM pyrolyzates, and additives.F-Search 3.6 contains 1000 polymers and 500 additives !

Data interpretation of any kind of chromatogram can be done with the support of chemical compound libraries, for example NIST Standard Reference Database. However, these search results don’t tell you the origin of these compounds – what is the polymer or additive before thermal decomposition by pyrolysis ? Also, these databases are missing many chemical compounds derived from polymeric materials or additives. Without F-Search, the interpretation of pyrograms or EGA thermograms is a difficult task, requiring professional intuition and experience.

F-Search system consists of search software and four unique libraries and allows users to select among them for specific purposes.

F-Search allows you to quickly search different types of data such as pyrograms and EGA data. It can also accommodate various GC/MS data formats for your convenience.

The unique search algorithm employed in F-Search is not greatly influenced by the factors such as changes in analytical conditions and separation columns.

Two-dimensional multi-ion chromatograms allow you to obtain high quality mass spectra from overlapping peaks.

Overlay of multiple TICs is possible !

F-Search allows you to subtract a mass spectrum from a TIC.

It is also possible to search NIST library directly from F-Search.