Frontier Laboratories Ltd., founded 1991, is a global leading company in analytical pyrolysis, based in Japan. Frontier -Lab's focus is research, development and production of analytical pyrolyzers, µReactors for catalyst screening and biomass research and high-temperature stable UA columns for GC/MS analysis of polymeric materials. In addition, Frontier Laboratories is also producing chromatographic accessories to support and/or automate  Pyrolysis-GC/MS based characterization of polymers or other materials.

“F-Search” is Frontier Lab’s unique Polymer and Additive Search Software containing about 1000 polymers and 500 additives (Version 3.6).

For rapid photo/thermal oxidative degeneration of polymeric material, Frontier Lab is offering a unique Xe-based Micro-UV Irradiator to accelerate weather-induced degradation of polymers including online characterization of such aged products.

Frontier Lab pyrolyzer users are successfully working in Automotive, Coating Industry, Forensic, Cultural Heritage, Environment, Energy, Geochemistry, Adhesives, Biomass and other industries or scientific areas.

Frontier Lab’s analytical pyrolyzer and accessories, as well as µ-Reactors, can be easily installed on almost all commercially available GC/MS systems and are widely used in QC and failure analysis labs for qualitative and quantitative analysis of synthetic and natural polymers, as well as for additives (for example phthalates).

Frontier Laboratories is collaborating worldwide with factory trained distribution partners what are representing the GC/MS vendors in the specific regions. These business partners are selling and supporting Frontier Lab’s products.

EMSCA MS Consulting, Dr. Michael Soll, is representing Frontier Lab in Europe.

Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer®


Tandem μ -Reactor®


Ultra ALLOY®

Metal Capillary Column

F-Search Software

F-Search (Ver. 3.6)

Paints - Lacquers - Inks

Soil organic matter







Wood - Paper - Pulp




Cultural heritage objects